Dear Email marketing user.

Email is also our main tool to market our services. We usually send 1-2 campaigns per month, but we paid the same money as marketers sending 2-3 campaigns per week. Moreover, we found, that maybe about 40% of Email contacts were Unsubscribed, Bounced or even robotic sign-ups. But we paid monthly for all these contacts. We paid it for years; the price was increasing as we gained more contacts and found this situation unfair. Unfortunately at the time, there was no other solution.

This was the reason, why a couple of entrepreneurs put together and invested huge money to develop our Email marketing solution. We have been working more than a year and started successfully using it in mid-2017. When using it, we were asked by other business owners to allow them using our system. This was the reason, why we decided to allow the public to join our system for their Email marketing campaigns.

We want to help mainly to new and small entrepreneurs save money on Autoresponder, and this was the reason why we decided to build the trust instead of quick gaining profit. If you do not intend to send Emails at the beginning, you can use Soft mailer for free. Once you decide to send campaigns, you only need to pay a modest yearly fee, which we need to develop and maintain our system. Services which you do not need, do not need to pay. This is the reason, why Soft mailer is becoming one of the most popular Emails and Autoresponder system worldwide.

Feel free to register and start saving money on your Email marketing activities.